Waiver of Liability and Consent

Updated March 27, 2023

By signing-up to an event or to an activity organized by the Esso Annuitant Club Toronto North (EACTN) each participant acknowledges and agrees to the following Waiver of Liability and Consent:

I am participating in this Esso Annuitant Club Toronto North (EACTN) event or activity voluntarily and at my own risk, and in consideration of the opportunity to participate in this event or activity, I, for myself, my heirs, executors and assigns, hereby waive, release and forever discharge and indemnify the EACTN, its organizers, volunteers, members and its Executive Committee from any and all damages, claims and actions for any loss, liability, claim, action, costs, expenses, physical or emotional injury or death to me arising out of my participation in this event or activity, howsoever caused.

This Waiver applies as well to all my guests or other co-participating EACTN members who are included in this registration and for whom I accept complete responsibility. I will inform my guests and co-participants of this Waiver of Liability and their responsibility to assume any risks involved.

I also consent to the use of my/our name(s) and/or likeness through photographs or other images which EACTN may post on its website or other media.

In addition, with respect to COVID-19:

The EACTN endeavours to offer a safe environment for its members. Each activity or event sponsored by the Club will operate in accordance with applicable government requirements and guidelines with respect to COVID-19.

The EACTN cannot limit individuals at its events (those being members, guests, or others who may be present at the facilities) to only be those that are fully vaccinated*.

Consistent with current government guidelines, the EACTN does not require those participating in its events to be fully vaccinated.

The EACTN recommends that individuals attending events strongly consider receiving recommended booster dose(s) of vaccines, and the use of masks regardless of government guidelines.

Individuals wishing to attend should do so after considering their own personal circumstances and evaluating any risks in attending the event or activity including any pre-existing conditions or actual conditions at the time of the event or activity.

Members are expected to refrain from attending an event or activity if they believe that their conditions may put themselves or other participants at risk with respect to COVID-19.

Anyone who wishes to participate in an EACTN event or activity agrees as follows:

  • Neither they nor anyone in their household has experienced any COVID-related symptoms as outlined on the Ontario Government self assessment site ( self assessment link) in the last 5 days (if vaccinated) or 10 days (if unvaccinated) including such symptoms as fever, cough, sore throat or respiratory illness or distress. If they or anyone in their household experiences any of these symptoms after submitting this document, they agree that they will not participate in any EACTN event or activity until they have completed the appropriate isolation guidelines as outlined by the Ontario Government self assessment site. ( self assessment link).
  • They or anyone in their household having travelled to or had a lay-over in any other country outside Canada in the 14 days prior to the event, will have complied with any Federal and Provincial COVID-19 related requirements upon returning to Canada.
  • They have read the COVID-19 rules and regulations provided by each event or activity venue, if applicable, and agree to observe and fully abide by the protocols prescribed by each venue.
  • They agree that they will follow all signage and direction provided while on any event or activity venue for their personal safety and the safety of all others.
  • The virus can be transmitted by asymptomatic people and statements made by other EACTN members contained in this document cannot provide certainty that the virus will not be transmitted. EACTN is taking prudent steps to impose and enforce appropriate protocols to keep members safe, but there can be no assurance that the virus will not be contracted while taking part in EACTN events or activities. This is a risk that each member must assess themselves, and if they choose to participate, they take the risk of either contracting the virus or transmitting it to others.

* Fully vaccinated is defined as having received two doses of a government approved vaccine and the recommended booster dose(s) based on your age and/or medical condition at least 14 days before the date the event is held.